MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to help Empower resource-constrained individuals make positive, sustainable changes to develop knowledge & skills successfully that improve accessibility to a broad range of high-quality services and programs.

SERVICES: 18945 FIELDING INC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which provides comprehensive housing assistance to Detroit’s low-income residents. Since 2011, the organization has worked with tenants, homesteaders, homeowners, the homeless and community organizations, rebuilding neighborhoods and providing affordable housing, religious, civil rights, labor, and housing advocacy to improve, preserve and expand affordable housing opportunities for low-income Detroiters. Today, the organization is primarily focused on the following areas of work: supportive service and/or information provided for landlord-tenant counseling,  eviction prevention, utility assistance, and tax and mortgage foreclosure prevention. Services are provided to income-eligible families and individuals free of charge

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18945 Fielding St., Detroit MI 48219